Real Estate and Money Show

We regret to inform our loyal listeners that the show has temporarily stopped broadcasting due to time constraints and we hope to continue again in the near future. But, there are 2 years of great content that you can listen to by simply going to the radio broadcasts page.


Real Estate and Money Show hosts Antoinette Gangi and Marc Demetriou talk with you and enlighten you on important real estate and money issues to expand your knowledge of real estate and finance.

Here are some of the topics we cover on the show:

  • Real estate home buying.
  • Selling your home.
  • Real Estate as an investment
  • How to enjoy a home and live within your means to not be financially strapped. “Financial Freedom”.
  • The real truth about how to qualify for a mortgage and get around the banking maze.
  • Understanding how mortgage rates move up and down and what the trends are.
  • Explaining the different types of mortgage products and discusses ways to know which one is the right fit.
  • Why rent when you can buy and use leverage to facilitate this process.
  • Understanding the economic indicators that are released regularly and how they affect mortgage rates.
real estate and money show Antoinette GangiHost Antoinette Gangi is a multi award winner in her field of real estate. She is a member of the Circle of Excellence, a Platinum Producer and was ranked #1 seller in the NY NJ region by Keller Williams. Antoinette is also no stranger to the broadcast media world. more
Real Estate and Money Show Co Host Marc DemetriouCo Host Marc Demetriou is a top rated speaker at Accounting and Attorney Seminars as well as other Financial Services Firms throughout the tri-state area. As an authority on Real Estate and Finance, Marc has been quoted and/or featured in articles under the following publications;more