Time Management Manifesto: Expert Strategies to Create an Effective Work/Life Balance

Real Estate and Money Show PodcastThursday August 6th, 2015 join Antoinette Gangi and Marc Demetriou  with guest Thomas Dowd to discuss Time Management Manifesto. Broadcasted at 10 am on WVNJ 1160 on your am dial.

Topic: Time Management Manifesto: Expert Strategies to Create an Effective Work/Life Balance:

  • Biggest roadblocks to success with time management?
  • Biggest time suckers in any business?
  • How do you define success with time management?
  • You often tell people to do the least amount of work in a day while still considering themselves successful. What does that mean?
  • How do you build in time for the unexpected of those dreaded fire drills?
  •  I heard you don’t wear a watch. What is your greatest tool for time management?

Thomas Dowd Professional Development and Coaching


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Thomas B. Dowd III Bio

TIME MANAGEMENTTom Dowd, AKA Transformation TomTM, is a loving father of three beautiful daughters and a devoted husband from a small town in Maine. He is a graduate of the University of Delaware with a Communication degree, concentrating on interpersonal and organizational communication. Tom is a prize-winning speaker, an award-winning and Amazon best-selling author, trainer, coach, and radio host—all spurred by his need to be more than a painfully shy and introverted individual on a rollercoaster ride of success.

Tom is an active member in Toastmasters International, a group of 300,000 members worldwide looking to develop communication and leadership skills. Tom joined in 2008 thinking it was just a way to boost his résumé. It became a wonderful downhill spiral of failure. Whether it was a speech contest or a publisher’s rejection, Toastmasters pushed him beyond his comfort zone to find self-awareness, belief that he could make a difference and the motivation to take smarter steps toward success both personally and professionally. What Tom found was a boost in confidence that changed the path of his life and career. In 2010-2011, he was awarded the District 45 Outstanding Toastmaster of the Year representing over 100 clubs in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and the three eastern most provinces of Canada. Now exhibiting consistent speech contest success, Tom is the two-time Table Topics District 45 champion for 2012 and 2013. Additionally, he is a member of the National Speakers Association and the Global Speakers Federation.

With over 24 years of experience in the financial industry in management and leadership roles at the same organization and a plethora of inconsistency on this professional journey, Tom received the call nobody wanted: “We’re downsizing.” After unexpectedly losing his full-time job, Tom landed in a better place in just 59 days using methods from his coaching and training. He is now a VP at one of the larger financial institutions in North America. In 2011, he started his own side business “Thomas Dowd Professional Development & Coaching” where he continues to use the lessons learned on his climb up the corporate ladder to help people creatively find ways to differentiate themselves in the workplace and to find their own individual paths toward success. The mantra is “Transform into who you really want to be.” Tom is the award-winning author of three books. “The Transformation of a Doubting Thomas: Growing from a Cynic to a Professional in the Corporate World,” details Tom’s own professional growth based on lessons learned in his career, which received Honorable Mention at the 2012 New England Book Festival. “From Fear to Success: a Practical Public Speaking Guide” won the Gold Medal at the 2013 Axiom Business Book Awards in the Business Reference Category. Both are available in book and eBook versions, while “Fear” is also available as an audiobook. His third book, derived from the unemployed stint, “Displacement Day: When My Job was Looking for a Job” was published in March 2014 and received Honorable Mention at the 2014 Paris and New York Book Festivals. Tom’s most recent book “Time Management Manifesto: Expert Strategies to Create an Effective Work/Life Balance” was released in October 2014.

The “Transformation Time with Transformation Tom” live radio program on BlogTalk Radio began in November 2014.