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Real Estate and Money Show Comments

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38 thoughts on “Real Estate and Money Show Live Show Comments

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      In addition to residential financing, I consultant many commercial clients on the proper financing as well as securing the financing.
      Please call me when you have a minute to discuss.

    • Thank you very much for your comments.
      We enjoy bringing important information to our listeners in areas surrounding real estate and finance.

      Co-Host Marc Demetriou

  1. I have an old home with an in ground tank. I’ve heard that if we ever decide to sell the home the tank will need to be removed because insurance companies will no longer offer home owners insurance to homes with in ground tanks. Is that true?

  2. I am facing a foreclosure. I have been turned down for a remodification but my financial situation has improved some so I will try again. With prices going up I could have 100M in equity in the home but not being able to make a mortgage payment in over a year the bank will probably get all that??? What are my options. River Vale is a good location.

  3. How do I go about buying real estate in another state initially before I go there. ARe their agents that specialize in that that have listings in other states?

    • Thanks Mark but I have to definitely stick it out for a few more years cause of my children and aging parents but I will keep listening to your show. I am learning to look into many different options.

  4. Really happy to hear this show. Didn’t get my question in on time but I know hearing this will make me address/update my will SOON! Thank you!

  5. You were talking about the quality of life vs purchasing a home for investment purchases. I look at my home as a savings account & believe buying vs renting is the best way to go especially in Bergen County where at least the property will hold its value. Where in Bergen County is considered the best area for 1st time buyers would you say?

  6. This is a comment regarding last week’s show. it is very important to add loss assessment onto your insurance policy if you own a condo or townhouse! I owned a townhouse in a complex that had 210 homes. The townhouse association had a $1,000,000,000 deductible policy. After we had a big storm, the damage was assessed at $900,000. Each homeowner had to pay their share of the assessed amount. Because I had “lost assessment”to my policy, my amount was minimal! There were only three homes in the complex that had lost assessment insurance! The rest had to pay full amounts of their portion of the assessment. Everyone asked me why I happen to have this insurance. The only reason I had was, that I had picked the right insurance company that knew how to totally protect me in case of lose. Check your policy to see if you are covered.

    Love your show


  7. Good morning. This is a question to Antoinette. I’m having a house built. It should be completed by June or July. When should I put my house up for sale?


  8. Great show! Enjoying the different subjects! Real Estate seems to be the only place to put your money these days to get a return that is substantial! Going to give my house to Antoinette to sell this Spring! Seems to be the best time to sell! She’s the best in Real Estate! Truly knowledgable and has GREAT work ethics! Good Luck Antoinette and Mark! :)

  9. I am fortunate to be able to listen to 1160AM at work and I want to thank you for doing this show. I own a home and now my kids are coming of the age that they will be looking into buying real estate. As the whole country knows the real estate market has a whole new landscape. Look forward to listening & learning every week. I find your show very interesting & helpful. Thanks and keep up the great work. Nancy Stone

  10. How is the inventory for fixer uppers in North-North Jersey-In your opinion is there money to be made from flipping properties now?

  11. Wow. I work at home as so many more people do these days. Thanks for bring that to my attention. Will definitely be looking into this now,

  12. Is it a good idea to have a home inspection done before putting your home on the market so you can possibly address some problems or at least know what the issues will be? Will a buyer pay back this cost or accept this as THE inspection?

  13. The school system is a huge part of building a community & can make a big difference between towns.Believe me I have moved 2 miles cause of the school system. Great tip to go to meetings prior to buying a home to see if your family will gel with the new community!

  14. Great show today. I’ve heard that medical bills make up most of the debt on credit reports these days. Is that true and what can be done in those cases where people can’t pay off back medical debt?

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